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“Opting for slow travel, not only do you find the opportunity to unwind and recharge your batteries, but you also actively contribute to environmental responsibility.”

MaplePine Sweat Works Gym is the ideal place to recharge, learn and stay fit. We have always believed in ‘Slow Travel’ to experience and appreciate the new surrounding you encounter.

If you have 3 days – 5 days a week or more plan with us for an ultimate experience in Meghalaya. Include a little self-time, a little adventure and a little giving back to the world.

Self Time

Relax by the river, take a 2 km walk to Mawphlang Sacred forest, go in with a Guide and get a basic understanding of what the Sacred Forest is and was in traditional Khasi culture or enjoy a good work out in our Gym, relax with a coffee and read a book.


Book a local Vehicle and guide and go out for a day Trip, South of us is You can contact Wanbor Langstieh – (WhatsApp – +91 98561 29175) he can arrange all your travel needs from MaplePine

Some Options – Article in Outlook India

Lum Symper only 20 km from MaplePine (a nice hike and great place to enjoy a day outing with a packed lunch.)

Jakrem Hot Springs -about 38 km from MaplePine

Mawsynram – about 35 km from MaplePine

Krem Puri – about 20 km from MaplePine

Mawlyngbna – about 55 km from MaplePine

and other places

Give Back to the World

Spend some time in a school and teach you favorite subject, passion, sport or just help out, the kids are eager and ready to learn. Just let us know your interest and time period available and we will arrange an opportunity for this interaction

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